Forensic report confirms senior judge committed suicide in jail - prosecution

Friday 06-01-2017 02:08 PM

State Council building. ASWAT MASRIYA/ Mohamed El Raai

CAIRO, Jan 6 (Aswat Masriya) - The forensic report on the death of Senior Judge Wael Shalaby confirmed that he had committed suicide inside his cell, Egypt's public prosecution said on Thursday.

Shalaby, who was former secretary general of Egypt's State Council, resigned earlier in January and was arrested later over involvement in a bribery case.

A few days after his arrest, Shalaby was found dead in his cell and was believed to have committed suicide.

Citing the forensic report, the public prosecution said in a statement that there were no injuries on the deceased's body that could suggest violence or resistance and that forensic results showed that Shalaby committed suicide by hanging.

The bribery case involves the procurement manager at Egypt's State council Gamal al-Din al-Labban.

The public prosecutor ordered media gag over the case.

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