One year after the Russian plane crash: A timeline

Sunday 30-10-2016 05:32 PM

Wreckage of Russian plane - Reuters

CAIRO, Oct 30 (Aswat Masriya) - The following is a timeline of actions, findings and consequences related to the Russian plane that crashed over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, 2015.

October 31 2015:

     -  Airbus A321 disappeared off the radar just 23 minutes after it departed Sharm El-Sheikh airport

     -  Egypt announces the crashing of the passenger plane over the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people aboard

     -  The Islamic State's affiliate in Egypt – known as Sinai Province claims responsibility for the attack saying it was a response to Russia's bombing of Syria

     -  German carrier Lufthansa and Air France decides to avoid flying over the Sinai Peninsula

     -  Black box of the plane was found and 129 bodies were recovered

     -  An Egypt-led investigative committee that includes representatives from Russia, France, Germany and Ireland was formed

November 1, 2015

     -   Egypt's prosecutor general agrees to allow Russia's participation in investigating the plane's debris

November 4, 2015     

     -  UK suspends flights to Sharm El-Sheikh

November 6, 2015

     -  Russia suspends all flights to Egypt and arranges the safe return of Russian citizens in Egypt

November 11, 2015

     -  Egypt allows the involvement of American investigators that are associated with the manufacturers of the engine of the Russian plane

November 17, 2015 

      -  Kremlin announces a bomb downed the Russian passenger plane

November 18, 2015

      -  Islamic State group claims using an ­improvised   bomb made from a soft-drink can to blow up the Russian passenger jet

December 14, 2015 

      -  Egypt says in the preliminary investigative report it found no evidence of terrorism in Russian plane crash

January 19, 2016

      -  Russia sends a delegation to review Egyptian airports' security measures

February 14, 2016

      -  Wreckage of Russian plane moved to Cairo international airport for investigation

February 24, 2016

      -  Sisi says goal behind downing of Russian plane is to distort Egyptian-Russian ties

February 29, 2016

     -  Egypt’s announces tourism revenues declined $1.3 billion since downing of Russian plane

April 14, 2016

     -  Prosecutor General refers the Russian plane crash case to State Security prosecution

     -  Russian president says that for his country to resume flights to Egypt, Moscow should work with Egyptian authorities in checking security at airports

July 26, 2016

     -  Civil aviation minister, prosecutor general visit Moscow to share results of investigations of the Russian plane crash

September 5, 2016

     -  Investigative committee finishes first stage of fitting together some of the fragments of the Russian plane

September 8, 2016

     -  The investigative committee determines specific part in the plane which is most likely to have been the part where the body began to come apart   

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