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Ex-MP asks for early presidential elections to end crisis

Monday, March 11, 2013 11:09 AM 
MP Mostafa Al-Naggar

Former member of the now-dissolved People's Assembly, Mostafa al-Naggar, has called for early presidential elections as an exit to save the country from the current political crisis.

He pointed out that he has decided to retract his initial stance on an earlier election due to the administration's failure and in fear of the fragmentation of the state.  

Naggar explained on Twitter on Sunday that what people viewed as unlikely in the past is becoming more and more likely with time as the failures and poor performance of the presidency continue.

He called on political forces to nominate a brand new presidential candidate who did not run in the previous elections that brought Mohamed Mursi to power.

He stressed that while he respects elections and does not intend to disregard legitimacy, it is a contract between the two parties and if one of them fails to deliver, the other one has the right to react.  

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