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Observers Without Borders: Violations on both sides

Saturday, December 22, 2012 4:58 PM 
A woman with her ID arrives at a polling centre to vote during the final stage of a referendum on Egypt's new constitution in Bani Sweif, about 115 km (71 miles) south of Cairo December 22, 2012. Egyptians Reuters/Stringer

Observers Without Borders – a human rights group monitoring the referendum – reported on Saturday violations that affect the integrity of the voting process.

The group listed a number of irregularities committed by the electoral commission and violations practiced by all political currents to influence the voters' choice.

The most prevailing violations observed were:

. Delay in opening the polling stations, in some cases the delay was up to 3 hours.

. Employees of the polling stations were arrived late in Qena and Fayoum.

. The number of employees was insufficient which led to the complaints of judges.

. Overcrowding and lack of order in front of polling stations.

. Deliberate stalling of voters. 

. Religious slogans are used to urge voters into voting yes. . Political Islam Parties mobilize voters for a "yes" vote.

. The main road to polling stations was cut off in Qena.

. Absence of phosphoric ink and if available it is easily removed.

. Media representatives were not allowed near polling stations in Fayoum.

. The Supreme Committee for Elections instructed judges not to show their identification if the voters requested so.

. Liberal parties use short Messaging Service (SMS) to urge voters to say "no".

. Left-wingers, liberals and Islamists propagate around the polling stations to vote in accordance with their position on the constitution.

. Presence of the "revolving ballot" which contributes to vote-rigging.

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