Lawyers initiative slams interrogation of TV host

Thursday 06-06-2013 07:15 PM
Lawyers initiative slams interrogation of TV host

A young Egyptian girl walks in a Monofeya neighborhood with the phrase, Islam is the solution drawn on the wall behind her. Reuters.


An Egyptian initiative for female lawyers has condemned the referral of television host Entesar Ghareeb to investigation for hosting a poet who recited an anti-regime poem.

In the episode hosted by Ghareeb, Doha Gaber recited poems that criticize the Muslim Brotherhood regime, suggesting that the public rejects it.

The poet also mentioned the kidnappings of border guards that took place in Sinai last month.

The initiative expressed its utmost concern over what it described as attempts to target television hosts and opposition figures, to "silence the people".

"This incident is a flagrant violation of press freedom and an attempt to oppress the people through legal means," the statement added.

It accused the attacks  of targeting women for the purpose of marginalizing their role and excluding them from political life.

The initiative's CEO Heba Adel said, "These oppressive policies have a negative effect on freedom and violate the right to receive and exchange information and the right of expression."

She added that pressing charges against television hosts is a misuse of the law, insisting that the initiative will continue to offer legal support to oppressed Egyptian women. 

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