Egyptian 'bible-burning' preacher faces fresh investigation

Saturday 23-02-2013 03:00 PM
Egyptian 'bible-burning' preacher faces fresh investigation

Muslim cleric Ahmed Abdullah, also known as Abu Islam, speaks to media as he arrives at court for the opening session of his trial in Cairo - Reuters


The office of Egypt’s prosecutor-general has begun investigating Abu-Islam Ahmed Abdullah after he allegedly described Coptic Christian women as “whores” on his satellite television programme.

The complaint was filed by lawyer Naguib Gabriel.

Abu-Islam is also facing charges of defaming Christianity for burning copies of the New Testament.

Dozens of Abu-Islam’s supporters gathered in front of the Supreme Court on Saturday and chanted that the prosecutor-general is working for the Muslim Brotherhood. Security guards prevented them from entering the court.

Abu-Islam is the owner of the Umma and Mariya satellite television channels.

In a similar case, Egypt's Administrative Court recently ordered controversial Sheikh Abdullah Badr’s programme on the Al-Hafez religious channel to be taken off air for 30 days.

On 17 December, Badr was handed a one-year jail term and a LE20,000 fine for insulting the actress Elham Shahin on his show.

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