Activists tweet struggles of women breadwinners in Arab World

Saturday 26-10-2013 01:18 PM
Activists tweet struggles of women breadwinners in Arab World

Rights activists and women’s rights organizations in the Middle East will be posting their thoughts on female breadwinners on the popular social networking website Twitter this Saturday.  

Thousands of activists around the Middle East are expected to join the online debate taking place today, using the hashtags “#Loqmet3ish” and “#anahunna”. The first hashtag, Loqmet3ish, literally translates to “a piece of bread”, an Arabic phrase used widely to describe a living. 

The regional Twitter campaign organized by Ana Hunna (I Am Here), said that women are the main supporters of 33 percent of Egyptian households and families. 

"Despite the fact that norms [are] transforming in Egypt, women are still generally defined as dependants and subordinate to men,” Ana Hunna posted on its account. 

Ana Hunna started out in 2011 as an online campaign to empower working women, but gradually expanded and now aspires to become an actual initiative, one of the organizers, Esraa Saleh, told Aswat Masriya. 

While the campaign used to depend only on making films to raise awareness on gender equality in employment, now it is looking for more ways and activities that could have a greater impact on the ground, Saleh said. 

“Our message this year is that women are active, powerful and self-determined,” she said. 

Ana Hunna has recently produced nine films that cover a variety of obstacles facing Arab women. 

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