Minister of Interiror : No Brotherhoodization of police

Saturday 23-02-2013 04:25 PM
Minister of Interiror : No Brotherhoodization of police

Interior Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim in a press conference - Aswat Masriya


Egypt's Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim said on Saturday that there is no direction for what is known as "Brotherhoodization" of the police. He said that the representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood's 'Guidance Office' do not attend the meetings of the Supreme Council of the police.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Ibrahim commented on the situation in Port Said before the hearing sentence in the case of the stadium, saying, "The situation was quite delicate; it worsened until it developed into a sit-in in front of the prison by the revolutionary forces and the families of the defendants to prevent their deportation. The court's insistence on deporting them meant violent clashes and the fall of casualties, especially with the presence of about 37 soldiers of the Central Security forces." 

He added, "Storming inside the prison was not easy to deal with. It was like a flood rushing towards the prison, in addition to those who infiltrated the crowd and boarded the roofs buildings surrounding the prison, firing at everyone...the police and the people. They were planning to smuggle high-risk criminals."

Ibrahim denounced the accusations of brutality to the ministry of interior, saying, "If that is true, then why do hundreds of soldiers and officers stand to be attacked for hours when we could surround and capture the protesters in ten minutes?...We are committed to self-restraint despite the petrol bombs and the rubber-bullets."

Regarding the case of the dead activist Mohammed Al-Gindi, the Minister of Interior said, "There is nothing more to be said after the results of the investigations of public prosecution, hearing witnesses and forensic autopsy. The police face a systematic scheme to break it."

As for the protests by members of the police force, Ibrahim said that their demands are legitimate, and that the ministry is trying its best to meet their demands, pointing out that the financial resources are currently limited.

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