Egyptian Gaza-bound convoy reaches Rafah border crossing

Sunday 18-11-2012 07:42 PM
Egyptian Gaza-bound convoy reaches Rafah border crossing

Convoys from Cairo prepare to head for Gaza - Ahmed Hamed/Aswat Masriya


A convoy organised by several Egyptian political parties, revolutionary groups and independent activists arrived at the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip on Sunday afternoon to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, currently suffering under fierce Israeli airstrikes that have killed at least 65 Palestinians over the last five days.

The Egyptian authorities have reportedly granted permission to the entire convoy to make the crossing. 

According to an Ahram Online journalist currently at the crossing, however, Palestinian border authorities – citing security concerns – have said only one busload of activists (roughly 50 individuals) would be permitted to cross into the beleaguered coastal enclave.

Gaza-based Palestinian resistance groups say that more than this number cannot be provided with security under the current circumstances.

The Egyptian convoy includes eight buses, along with several other smaller vehicles.

Given the limitations, activists reportedly conducted a lottery to determine who would cross into the strip. Many stood in line at the border crossing in hopes of entering as Israeli airstrikes could be heard in the distance.

Parties and groups participating in the convoy include the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the liberal Constitution Party, the leftist Popular Current, the centrist Strong Egypt and Egyptian Current parties, the Arab Nasserist Party, the Youth for Justice and Freedom movement, the National Front for Justice and Democracy and the Revolutionary Socialists.

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