Unverified video shows masked men attacking Egypt satellite

Tuesday 08-10-2013 06:32 PM
Unverified video shows masked men attacking Egypt satellite

A snapshot from the video


A video showing two masked men attacking Egypt's main satellite dish in Maadi has circulated the internet after being uploaded by a group that identifies itself as "Kataeb al-Furqan" (The Criterion Brigades). 

The unverified video shows two unidentified assailants who first observe their target in daylight then attack it with two RPG rockets later on Monday. 

The extremist group said that it targeted the satellite dish to send out a warning to the "media of the infidels". 

Mohamed Nour al-Din, a former government official, told Aswat Masriya that he does not rule out that the video is authentic, confirming that the location of the video is in fact Maadi.

Nour al-Din, who served as the interior minister's deputy, said that the group was most likely hired by the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists to prove that they could reach key targets easily. 

He accused the Muslim Brotherhood of hiring extremists to do terrorist activities to pressure that the group be returned to political life and described the group's efforts to rally supporters on Sunday as a failure. 

The attack did not cause any harm or result in any injuries, but left a 15 – 20-long meter hole in the dish.

Services and communications were not affected. 

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