Mursi no different from Mubarak - top politician

Thursday 31-01-2013 10:55 PM
Mursi no different from Mubarak - top politician

Founder of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party Abdel Ghaffar Shoukr - photo from Facebook


Abdel Ghaffar Shoukr, founder of the Socialist Popular Alliance and prominent member of the National Salvation Front, on Thursday held President Mohamed Mursi accountable for the recent violence in several governorates, describing the current regime as "no different from Mubarak's regime." 

Resolving the crisis by declaring a state of emergency and imposing a curfew on the Suez Canal cities is a small part of a severe political crisis he (Mursi) and his party created, Shoukr said today in an interview with the Kuwaiti AlRai newspaper.

"Those who are in power and see the gap between the sons of their nation widen at the expense of narrow partisan interests for themselves and their teams are responsible for the blood that has been shed," Shoukr said in reference to clashes that left scores dead and hundreds injured.

Commenting on accusations of its involvement in the events Egypt is witnessing, Shoukr said, "The National Salvation Front has called for peaceful demonstrations and denounced violent actions."

The Minitry of Interior is currently "living through a real crisis", Shoukr said in reference to how the ministry deals with protesters.

"After the revolution, the Ministry of Interior should have changed its ways in confronting protesters. It should know that its role is to only protect public facilities and steer away from any political conflict," Shoukr stated.

When asked about his opinion on the emergence of groups such as the "Black Bloc", Shoukr said, "I urge all enthusiastic youths to not use violence or spread chaos and fear among citizens. The peaceful revolution continues in the square and its peacefulness must not be forfeited."

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