Party calls for protests on Jan. 25 against “oppressive Brotherhood regime”

Wednesday 23-01-2013 03:03 PM
Party calls for protests on Jan. 25 against “oppressive Brotherhood regime”

January 25 anniversary - Mohamed Abdel Ghany/Reuters


Egypt's Tagamoa Party has called for rallies in all squares on Friday, which marks the popular uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak two years, against what it described in a statement as the "oppressive (Muslim) Brotherhood regime."

"We will protest on January 25 against all attempts to break the will of the revolutionary people and to declare our commitment to a free and democratic Egypt in the face of those who are plotting against the revolution and are trying to hijack the dream for change and replace it with their own dream to rule the nation," a statement by the Tagamoa Party said on Wednesday.

It listed its reasons for the protest call, including what it described as a need to halt the policies that are drowning Egypt in international and domestic debt that Mubarak initiated but the Brotherhood regime kept alive by following the same path.

It reaffirmed its demands which include social justice and the right to employment, education and free healthcare.

"The people did not take to the streets against Mubarak's oppressive regime and ousted it to replace it with another oppressive regime that follows the same policies of kneeling, humiliation and negligence of national dignity and unity."

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