Egypt's Mursi calls on people of Sinai to hand over weapons

Wednesday 22-05-2013 03:11 PM
Egypt's Mursi calls on people of Sinai to hand over weapons

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi urged everyone who has weapons in the Sinai Peninsula to hand them over on Wednesday, saying that only the authorities should be armed.

He said, “Only the armed forces and the interior ministry should have weapons as stipulated by law.”

Mursi held a press conference today at Almaza Cairo Airport shortly after receiving the released security personnel who were kidnapped on Thursday by Islamist militants in northern Sinai. 

The president congratulated Egyptians on ending the crisis of the kidnapped security officers, praising the efforts of the security forces “who successfully secured the hostages' release without bloodshed.”

He added that this is the fruit of cooperation between the armed forces, the police and civilians.

Mursi also praised the role of the Bedouin tribal leaders “who contributed to freeing the security officers without causing any injuries.”

He said that this incident sets a footing to address the problems of the people in Sinai.

“This incident is a starting point that sets a foundation to grant the people of Sinai their full political, economic, social and educational rights and to achieve real development in this region.”

Mursi called on the opposition to “cooperate in order for the country to move on.”

“I extend my hands to everyone who wants a better future for this country, let us all join forces and cooperate as a leadership, people and opposition, in order to achieve the goals of the January revolution.”

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