The latest developments of parliamentary elections by "Aswat Masriya"

Wednesday 21-12-2011 12:07 PM
The latest developments of parliamentary elections by

The run-off of the second phase of Egypt's parliamentary elections started today. In this phase elections are held in nine governorates namely, Giza, Ismailia, Suez, Beni Suef, Aswan, Sharkia, Biheira, Menoufia and Sohag. 

To date voting is taking place quietly with low turnout of voters amid strict security measures around polling centres. No violations have been reported until now. 

The following is what we have received from correspondents of "Aswat Masriya". 


- "Al-Ahram" newspaper "No long queues in most of the polling centres in Giza."
- "Al-Ahram" newspaper "No voters at all in front of polling centres of Agriculture and Sadat Experimental schools in Omrania constituency.
- "Al-Ahram" newspaper "Dozens of voters are queuing in front of polling centres at Sayyida Aisha and Othman Ibn Affan schools. 


- Very low demand of voters.
- Judges arrived thirty minutes to one hour late at two polling centres of Hassan Khamis Primary School in Edco and the Primary School of Abu Wafiya Kobra at Dilingat.
- Freedom and Justice (FJP) and "El-Nour" parties are running electoral campaigns. 


- Most of the polling centres have opened at half past eight.
- Very low turnout in most of the polling centres except those in the hometowns of the four candidates.
- No intensive security presence which was noticeable in the first round.

- No long queues in contrast to the first round, even at polling centres of Arba'ein neighbourhood.
- No manifestations of any electoral propaganda in front of polling centres.
- At Abdel Moneim Sanad School, polling centres No. 179 and 180 were opened late due to the late arrival of representatives. The judge decided to wait until the reaching the required figure.
- Supporters of Abdul Hamid Kamal candidate of the Egyptian Bloc on the workers' seat complained of representatives directing voters to choose the candidate of "El-Nour" Party.

- Two polling centres at Abdel-Hamid Radwan School in Dar Es- Salam did not open as the judges have not arrived until now.
- The Judge in charge of Awlad Khalifa polling centre in the village of Awlad Yehia in Dar Es-Salam did not arrive to date.
- Bouhha School of Saqlta County did not open until now as the judge has not arrived yet.
- Ahmed Abu Krisha, the candidate on "Al-Wafd" list is using a car with loudspeaker to tell the voters of the constituency that he is the candidate number one on the list instead of Abdel Moneim Abu Fotouh.  Abu Fotouh was dropped by the party despite a verdict in his favour to be reinstated on the top of the list.
- Turnout is low in Sohag constituency, in particular of Copts. While there is a high demand at the Southern constituency, especially in the village of Kosheh where there is a native candidate at the top of the list of the Egyptian Bloc.
Beni Suef

- Very low turnout in most of the polling centres, particularly in voting centres of the governorate.
- Many polling centres opened late due to the absence of representatives, and the late arrival of the judges. This happened at the polling centres of the village of Biyahmu where the usuall dense fog caused the late arrival of the judges.
- Electoral propaganda continues by calling voters to choose candidates of "El-Nour" Party and FJP in front of polling centres.

- "Al-Ahram" newspaper "Voting was delayed in some polling centres of Ashmun County for an hour and a half due to late arrival of the judges and advisers".
- "Al-Ahram" newspaper "Low turnout at the first constituency".

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