Calm prevails at Defense Ministry amid heavy security

Friday 26-07-2013 01:51 PM
Calm prevails at Defense Ministry amid heavy security

Demonstrators protest at the Ministry of Defence headquarters on June 21, 2013 - Aswat Masriya


A state of calm prevailed at the Defense Ministry headquarters on Friday amid heavy security presence in the area.

Many are expected to take part in the "No to Violence" million-man demonstration which Defense Minister and army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for.

Traffic flowed smoothly both ways in Khalifa Ma'moun Street where the ministry is located, the Middle East News Agency reported.

Six army tanks and an armed forces fire engine were deployed in the area.

Metal barriers covered with barbed wire were placed in the area near Ain Shams University close to Abbasiya Square to seal off the street in case demonstrators decide to march to the ministry.

Armed forces members also closed off the street leading to the Republican Guard headquarters after reports that some pro-Mursi demonstrators intend to march to the area.

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