No difference between Mubarak, Armed Forces or Muslim Brotherhood - Revolutionary forces

Sunday 10-02-2013 07:28 PM
No difference between Mubarak, Armed Forces or Muslim Brotherhood - Revolutionary forces

A number of political forces and movements have called on Egyptians to rally on Monday, which marks February 11, the anniversary of toppling the former president Hosni Mubarak.

The revolutionary forces said in a statement issued on Sunday that oppression, poverty and attempts to thwart the revolution are still continueous.

"There is no difference between the rule of Mubarak, the Armed Forces or the Muslim Brotherhood," stressed the statement.

The statement observed that "those who assumed power after Mubarak, whether the Armed Forces or the Muslim Brotherhood, support Mubarak's policies. They are supported by the same business owners ... The Armed Forces did not dispense them because they are a part of them and the Brotherhood did not let go of them because they have common interests."

The political forces called on the masses to renew their demands of overthrowing the regime.

The opposition said that the only thing that has changed radically since the uprising of January 25 is breaking the fear barrier.

The statement explained that the people were serious when they chanted "The people want to overthrow the regime."

"The people did not mean changing corrupt faces with the less corrupt, they did not ask for more integrity in elections, nor a constitution written by a minority that only represents itself," the statement continues saying, "The people did not revolt for an economic policy that impoverishes them, but they chanted for toppling the regime together with its policies and oppression." 

The statement was signed by a number of revolutionary movements and political parties such as the Revolutionary Socialists, Kefaya Movement, the Popular Current, the People's Alliance Party, Dostour Party and Karama Party.

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