Egypt Islamists ask govt to prohibit sit-ins

Wednesday 06-02-2013 04:26 PM
Egypt Islamists ask govt to prohibit sit-ins

Coalition of Islamic Forces


Egypt's Coalition of Islamist Forces urged the authorities on Tuesday to prohibit sit-ins and criminalize any action that might disrupt public interest.

The coalition called on the Shura Council (upper house of the parliament) to accelerate regulating the law of protests.

The coalition accused the media of inciting violence by magnifying the current events. It added that the media gives the National Salvation Front, the main opposition block in Egypt, a value that it does not deserve.

In a statement aired on Al-Jazeera, the coalition asked the media to be accurate.

The coalition refused discussing the demands of the opposition to hold early presidential elections or to change the attorney general.

"The political track is known to everyone, no change shall take place except in accordance with the constitution," said their statement.

The statement also condemned violence.

The coalition appealed to the Interior Ministry to speed up its investigation and take legal actions against any violations.

The coalition includes the Muslim Brotherhood among 13 other Islamist movements.

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