Activists collect ex-MP's bail to release him

Thursday 28-03-2013 01:35 PM
Activists collect ex-MP's bail to release him

Independent candidate Hamdi Al-Fakharani - photo from Shorouk


Former Member of Parliament, Hamdi al-Fakharani, said on Thursday that activists and politicians have collected 50,000 Egyptian pounds to bail him out.

Fakhrani, who was arrested on Wednesday on charges of instigating violence and torching a government office on the second anniversary of the 2011 uprising, has insisted that he was at a hospital when violence erupted.

"I would never encourage the torching of my country's property," he told BBC on Thursday, adding that he has documents to prove his admittance at a local hospital, during the violence, due to an attack by Muslim Brotherhood supporters on him in clashes last year.

"I refused to pay because I do not have the amount," the independent ex-MP said, adding that prominent politicians including Khaled Ali and Mazhar Shahin collected the bail and released him.

Fakhrani argued that his arrest is the "bill" he has to pay for filing lawsuits that challenge the authorities, including an appeal to sack prosecutor general Talaat Abdullah who was appointed by President Mohamed Mursi.

The bailed-out politician had also pushed for an investigation in Mursi's escape from prison during the January revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak and accused the Islamist president of failing to protect protesters and encouraging his supporters to attack his opponents.

He pointed out that even under the Mubarak regime, when he filed lawsuits against the autocrat's sons, they did not fabricate cases against him.

"Is this what I get for the billions I returned to the state?" He asked, referring to successful lawsuits against former politicians in graft charges.

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