Carter asks U.S. to support Islamic rule in Egypt

Thursday 19-01-2012 03:16 PM
Carter asks U.S. to support Islamic rule in Egypt

Mohamed Morsi, head of FJP in a meeting with former Americal president Jimmy Carter - photo provided by FJP


Former American President, Jimmy Carter, has called out for the U.S. to support Islamic rule in Egypt, pointing out that it will lead to democracy, freedom and stability in the region.

Carter also told the CNN that Egypt is currently embracing freedom, explaining that it finally now has a real chance to elect a democratic government that protects human rights.

Asking for Americans’ support, the Former President hopes that the U.S. will not reject the Egyptian people’s choice like they did after the Palestinian elections - where Hamas was isolated after their winning.

“We must not repeat that grave mistake with Egypt. I think we could have established peace in the region if we had accepted and supported the people’s choice in Palestine. That is the lesson we have learnt... and Egypt’s choice should be given a chance,” Carter said.



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