Update 2: Death toll rises to 23 in Alexandria building collapse

Thursday 17-01-2013 11:34 AM
Update 2: Death toll rises to 23 in Alexandria building collapse

An archive photograph from a previous Alexandria real estate collapse - Reuters


Twenty-three people were killed and eleven were injured on Wednesday morning when an eight-story building collapsed in Alexandria. 

Rescue efforts are ongoing as an official expects more bodies to be found under the rubble of the collapsed building of 24 flats.

According to the governor, the East Alexandria building that collapsed during the early hours of Wednesday was established without license. 

He pointed out that one of the partners who own the building property was captured and detained pending investigation.

The presidential spokesman, Yasser Ali, expressed solidarity with the victims of the accident and gave the presidency's condolences. 

He stressed that every effort was being made to care for the injured and their families, whether medical or social care.

The director of civil protection in Alexandria, Emad Kheir, predicted that dozens are still under the rubble as the building had 24 apartments.

Similar incidents are common in Egypt as many buildings tend to breach regulations, commit grave architectural errors and lack maintenance. 

In October, four people were killed and others were injured when a building collapsed in West Alexandria while 19 people were killed in July when another building collapsed in the North Coast. 

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