Attorney general refers stock market protesters to prosecution

Wednesday 23-01-2013 04:41 PM
Attorney general refers stock market protesters to prosecution

New Attorney General Talaat Ibrahim takes oath before President Mohamed Mursi - Handout


Egyptian Attorney General Talaat Ibrahim has ordered that protesters gathered by the stock market be referred to the general prosecution to take the appropriate measures against them.

Ibrahim had received a complaint that the Ultras protest was disrupting the work of the institution and threatening national security and the economy, reported the Middle East News Agency.

Ultras (enthusiastic football fans) youths organized a protest by Egypt's stock market headquarters in downtown on Wednesday as part of a series of actions to pressure authorities to bring to justice those responsible for deadly football clashes that happened last year.

Head of Egypt’s stock market Mohamed Omran said earlier on Wednesday that the stock market's administration had taken the appropriate measures to ensure that no delay takes place due to the protests, including making it possible to operate from outside the downtown premises.

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