Two officials detained after Kafr El-Sheikh ferryboat sinking

Monday 04-01-2016 08:45 AM
Two officials detained after Kafr El-Sheikh ferryboat sinking

The search process for bodies of the victims of the Kafr el-Sheikh ferryboat accident on Jan. 1 2016 - Aswat Masriya


CAIRO, Jan 3 (Aswat Masriya) - The Kafr el-Sheikh prosecution ordered Sunday the detention of two officials responsible for maritime and boat licenses for four days pending investigation into the ferryboat accident that claimed the lives of 15 individuals.

The ferryboat was carrying around 17 passengers from a village in Kafr el-Sheikh province to another in Beheira province late Thursday.

Meanwhile, Judge Mohamed al-Zanfaly, who heads Kafr el-Sheikh's prosecution office, told Aswat Masriya that two other officials, the Inspection manager and the Vice President of the local city council, were temporarily released pending investigation.

The defendants are accused of causing unintentional damage to others, negligence and failure to take the necessary measures against the ferryboat owner.

Kafr el-Sheikh's governor confirmed in a press statement made available to Aswat Masriya that the ferryboat is designed to carry six passengers in addition to the person operating it.

Al-Zanfaly added that the ferryboat was ordered to be extracted for inspection on Monday.

Preliminary investigation had revealed that the ferryboat’s license had expired eight months ago, making it “unfit” from a technical aspect.  

A compensation of EGP 10,000 for families of the deceased was announced by Minster of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali. In addition, the injured will be compensated by EGP 2000, according to MENA.

Transportation accidents recur frequently in Egypt. In July, around 40 people died in a sinking boat after it crashed with a heavy-cargo ship in the Nile river. 

During the Mubarak era, the famous sinking of the Egyptian ferry al-Salam Boccaccio 98 in the Red Sea in 2006 led to the death of around 1000 passengers, mostly Egyptians returning from Saudi Arabia. The government was heavily criticised for failing to deliver rescue in due time.

Egypt also has one of the highest worldwide casualties caused by car accidents. 

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