Committee sets date to receive MP candidates Saturday

Thursday 28-02-2013 12:03 PM
Committee sets date to receive MP candidates Saturday

Ballot counting - Mohamed Abdel Ghani?REUTERS


A member of Egypt's elections committee told Asharq Al-Awsat on Thursday that members will convene on Saturday to determine a date for accepting candidates for members of parliament.

The committee is expected to announce its decision in a press conference on Saturday, Abdel Rahman Bahlool said, adding that candidates will probably have to apply sometime between the second half of March and one month before the vote which is due to start on April 22.

He added that the committee is facing some challenges, including the registration of expatriates and having to appoint a judge at every polling station.

Meanwhile, head of the committee, Sameer Abu al-Maaty, told the newspaper that the nomination date is yet to be determined but members convene daily to discuss the upcoming election in coordination with the supreme judicial court.

Abu al-Maaty stressed on the importance of appointing a judge at every ballot station to comply with the constitutional court order and the parliamentary elections law.

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