January 25, A day for revolution not celebrations - revolution union youth

Saturday 19-01-2013 02:17 PM
January 25, A day for revolution not celebrations - revolution union youth

Second "Friday of Rage" in Tahrir - Aswat Masriya photo


The Revolution Youth Union, a liberal union grouping political parties, independents, NGO’s, and national movements, announced on Saturday that the upcoming January 25 will be a "revolution, not a celebration" stressing that any celebrations are rejected.

The Union issued a statement stressing that the objectives of the revolution did not materialize yet, adding that "Mubarak's rule is not different from the military rule or the rule of the Supreme Guide (leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is said to be the real president of the country). As they all ruled Egypt according to their personal interested amid more disasters, negligence and bloodshed of Egyptian youth."

The group called on citizens and political powers to stage mass rallies across Egypt on Friday, January 25, the second anniversary of the uprising under the slogans (Revolution...Bread 'live-hood'...Freedom...Social Justice) and (The people want to overthrow the regime).

They stressed that the revolution continues and that "there is no waiver for the blood of the martyrs."

The Union accused some forces of working against the revolution to purge it, which led to more bloodshed, and made the ??matters even worse than before the uprising.

Spokesman for the Union, Haitham Al-Khatib, said that they will continue to organize campaigns to mobilize Cairo and other governorates in preparation for the protests.

Several political parties in addition to the National Salvation Front, the National Association for Change, April 6 Movement and Kifaya announced that they will participate in the protests.

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