Egypt Mufti says Muslims know freedom of expression from hate speech

Tuesday 25-09-2012 03:05 PM
Egypt Mufti says Muslims know freedom of expression from hate speech

Grand Mufti Aly Gomaa - Tara Tudras/REUTERS


Egypt’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Aly Gomaa said that Muslims can differentiate between freedom of expression, which they appreciate, and hate speech.

Gomaa pointed out in his interview published by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations' website that the recent crisis resulting from the anti-Islam film is the product of many piling factors that strained the relationship between the Muslim world and the West.

He listed violations of the Iraq war, constant attacks on Afghanistan and Pakistan and the long Palestinian struggle as factors that strained Arab-West relations.

Another factor that Sheikh Gomaa listed was the demonizing of Muslims by the European right-wing and the banning of Islamic practices, such as Hijab (veil) and building mosques.

Gomaa added that insulting Prophet Mohammad - who is considered the most sacred religious symbol for Muslims - is not only a great insult for Muslims but also increases tension between Muslims and the West.

The Mufti stressed on the responsibility of Muslims to clarify the reality of Islam to non-Muslims who wish for peaceful relations and solutions to current tensions.

He argued that improving relations between the Muslim world and the West will start by sincere dialogue.

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