Women of Egypt contribute to development through small projects

Thursday 14-03-2013 11:25 AM
Women of Egypt contribute to development through small projects

A woman carries her daughter in Mansheyet Naser - Amr Dalsh/Reuters


By Rania Ahmed

Three Egyptian women have decided to challenge their social and economic statuses by starting up small projects, presenting an example of how women can contribute to developing society. 

In Upper Egypt's Nubia, Mai Gahallah established the foundation "Nubian treasures" as a non-profit social enterprise to spread Nubian arts and culture through training Nubians on producing crafts that resemble their culture.

"I thought of a solution to address the marginalization of Nubians through establishing a project that also helps raise their economic status," Gahallah said on her project.

She added that she started her project through holding workshops to train citizens on making handcrafts, pointing, "It was difficult, being a woman in a conservative society."

Meanwhile, Haidi Sadik, aged 50, started her project to enhance her income. She draws on wooden house products, windowpanes and wooden paintings.

"I chose my project because I am interested in handmade crafts that give space for creativity," Sadik added that she did not hesitate to work at her age, encourging other women to not let that be a barrier that holds them back from contributing to society.

Whereas a member of the Young Association for Christian Girls, Gihan Baki, volunteers to educate other women, especially the breadwinners. She also teaches mentally disabled children to make simple daily projects using palm leaves.

Baki, who started her volunteer work ten years back, said she decided to teach children this craft to help integrate them into society and also profit from their work and help their families.

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