Police: 37 people in possession of firearms detained

Friday 28-06-2013 04:13 PM
Police: 37 people in possession of firearms detained

Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi shout slogans during a protest around Raba El-Adwyia mosque square in Cairo June 21, 2013. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany


Thirty-seven people were detained on the Banha-Mansoura highway after they were found to be in possession of firearms and petrol jerry cans, head of the criminal police department in Qaliubiya said.

Those detained said they were on their way to Cairo to participate in the pro-Mursi demonstration at Cairo's Rab'aa al-Adaweya, Major General Mohamed al-Qosseri told the state news agency.

A group of Kafr Shukr residents had cut the Banha-Mansoura highway to protest against fuel shortages. Youths formed groups to regulate traffic.

Some youths came across four vehicles transporting the 37 detainees with firearms, petrol jerry cans and sticks and detained them until the police arrived to arrest them.

Islamists are holding demonstrations today at Rab'aa al-Adaweya Mosque in Cairo to declare their support for President Mohamed Mursi.

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