Egypt's foreign ministry says keen on explaining revolution

Thursday 08-08-2013 06:02 PM
Egypt's foreign ministry says keen on explaining revolution

Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi - Reuters


Egypt, under pressure to end a deepening political crisis, is seeking to explain the revolution to the international community.

The Foreign Ministry said it is focusing on expounding and communicating the revolution to the world.

Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi contacted more than 35 foreign ministers to affirm that the revolution is "the people's will" and that the armed forces' intervention was merely a response to popular demands, said ministry spokesman Badr Abdel Aati.

Ethiopia, Sudan, China, India, Russia and the United States are among the countries Fahmi communicated with, Abdel Aati stated.

In a meeting with his German counterpart, Fahmi said that Egypt does not mind receiving foreign delegations as long as these visits respect Egypt's sovereignty, the state news agency reported Abdel Aati as saying.

"The final decision rests with the Egyptian government alone and is taken on the basis of national security and interest," the spokesman added.

Commenting on the suspension of Egypt's activities in the African Union (AU), Abdel Aati explained that the AU delegation's visit to Egypt is important. 

"Egypt deals with the AU's Peace and Security Council in a clear, firm manner since we have nothing to hide," he said.

"We are certain that the will of the people will prevail in the end."

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