Opposition group says dialogue with presidency is not an option

Thursday 14-03-2013 07:39 PM
Opposition group says dialogue with presidency is not an option

National Salvation Front - photo from Facebook


Egypt's main opposition group said it rejected President Mohamed Mursi's invitation for national dialogue and called for a round table meeting with four political parties on Thursday.

The National Salvation Front's initiative for a discussion assembly is an attempt to stop the state of deterioration Egypt is going through.

The front invited the Salafi Nour Party, the 'Strong Egypt' Party, the Reform and Development Party, and a fourth party to discussions and said it rejected the invitation for national dialogue.

"Dialogue with the presidency is not an option," Mohamed Sami, head of al-Karama Party and member of the front, said at a press conference.

"Our demands were not met and we will not back down on our conditions for dialogue."

The front is lining up to stand up to the systematic plan to hijack the state, Azzazi Ali Azzazi, member of both the front and the Popular Current, stated.

The front renewed its demands to form a new cabinet, amend the constitution, sack the chief prosecutor general, issue the transitional justice law, ban militias and sack the minister of interior "for his failure to manage the security crisis in the country".

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