Women's initiative launches "We will ride bicycles" campaign

Monday 07-10-2013 11:29 AM
Women's initiative launches

File photo of girls cycling in Cairo in an event hosted by UN Women


An Egyptian women's initiative has launched a campaign entitled "We Will Ride Bicycles" to confront sexual harassment in the streets and public transportation. 

The "Girls Revolution" Facebook page, created in January 2012, launched a  campaign along the same lines in August encouraging women to wear dresses in defiance of the significant rise in sexual harassment cases. 

"Riding a bicycle and feeling the breeze of the air is one of our simplest dreams," said the campaign's event page, adding that all women should be allowed to freely ride bicycles without being harassed or judged. 

The activists behind the campaign said they chose the theme of riding bicycles to promote women and girl's rights to run errands through cycling without being afraid of attracting negative reaction in the streets.

Scheduled for Saturday, the event's assembly point will be outside October War Panorama on Saleh Salem Street and its end point will be at Azhar Park. 

“The campaign’s main objective is confronting the unjustified rejection of the community concerning females riding bicycles,” said Michael Nazeh, one of the founders of the campaign. 

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