Popular Alliance to push for female quota in parliament

Monday 18-03-2013 07:54 PM
Popular Alliance to push for female quota in parliament

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The Socialist Popular Alliance Party expressed on Sunday its complete support for women's issues, stressing that the battle for a better constitution is not over yet.

The Party said that it seeks the issuance of a new constitution that is based on the values of citizenship and social justice and that guarantees women's rights, providing for complete equity between genders.

Party Member, Mona Ezzat, said in a press conference that the Alliance adopts a plan to integrate women in the policies of the party and its stances, pointing that women's issues have always been a priority.

"The Party seeks the adaption of a national plan to confront violence and all forms of discrimination against women," Ezzat said.

She added that the Popular Alliance will push for female quota in parliamentarian seats, local municipalities and syndicates.

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