Endowments minister says illegal immigration violates Islamic law

Friday 30-09-2016 09:15 PM

Ministry of religious endowments

CAIRO, Sept 30 (Aswat Masriya) - Egypt's Minister of Endowments Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa said that illegal immigration violates the Islamic law, in Friday's sermon in a mosque in Sinai.

In the sermon which revolved around the concept of immigration, Gomaa said it is a deviation from the "guardian," whether it is a president or a law or a constitution or a legislative council.

He added that "laws should be respected," as its part of the Islamic law.

Gomaa also criticised  the migrants for risking their lives  and cited a verse of the Islamic Quran against self-destructive behaviour.

He went on saying that those who survived subject themselves to "humiliation and degradation." The minister also critcised the brokers who facilitate illegal immigration for people.

During the sermon, Gomaa quoted Prophet Mohammed as saying "no migration after the conquest," referring to the conquest of Mecca years after the Prophet's migration from the city of Mecca to al-Medina in Saudi Arabia to escape religious opposition and crackdown on Muslims.

In article published on Friday as well, Gomaa defined immigration as "the positive shift from misguidance to guidance and from corruption to morality and from bad behaviour to the good one" away from all forms of "degradation" and "extremism."

He explained his point by referring to those who immigrate to join a "terrorist group under the false illusion of jihad."

Gomaa's statements came about 10 days after a migrant boat capsized off Egypt.

The Ministry of Endowments prepared a standard written script, tackling migration, for today's sermon.

The boat was carrying hundreds, estimated between 450 and 500 people, including Egyptians, Syrians and Africans.

Around 162 have survived the capsize but the death toll reached at least 204, according to a Wednesday statement by the International Organisation for Migration, with search still underway for the missing bodies.

The migrants were believed to have been heading to Italy, a main destination for illegal migrants across the Mediterranean. 

Following the incident, several Egyptian officials and public figures blamed the migrants in talk shows and social media for having brought their fate upon themselves.

Hundreds of Egyptians have resorted to illegal migration over the past years to escape dire living conditions and unemployment.

Egyptian security forces often announce thwarting irregular migration attempts, involving hundreds of people.

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