Egypt embassy follows case of assault on 4 Egyptians in Italy

Wednesday 24-08-2016 10:27 PM

The four Egyptians who were assaulted in Italy - photo from the foreign ministry

CAIRO, Aug 24 (Aswat Masriya) – Egypt's Ambassador to Italy said on Wednesday that senior Italian foreign ministry officials have affirmed their full cooperation with the Egyptian embassy regarding the attack on four Egyptians in the city of Catania.

Italian authorities arrested three Italians suspected of attacking the four Egyptian men on Tuesday. Preliminary investigation indicates a "criminal motive" rather than a racist one.

In a statement on Wednesday, Ambassador Amr Helmy said that Italian foreign ministry officials have expressed their readiness to provide all investigation documents. They also said they would continue providing healthcare for the injured Egyptian who is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Catania.

Egyptian Consul Sherif Gamal visited the city of Catania and met with the young injured Egyptian whose doctor has assured that his condition is no longer dangerous after undergoing surgery.

The other three Egyptians were present at a care center which Consul Gamal also visited.

The Egyptian embassy in Rome said it continues to monitor the situation and will follow up on the case with the designated lawyer.

In a separate incident, Egyptian foreign ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abo Zeid said that the Egyptian embassy in Rome was in contact with the Italian foreign ministry regarding the case of an Egyptian child called Ahmed Mahmoud.

Mahmoud arrived to the Italian island Lampedusa by sea in search of a doctor to treat his sick little brother.

Italian media gave attention to the case thus throwing it into the spotlight and capturing the attention of Italian officials.  

The Italian Embassy in Cairo contacted the family and offered them the option of treatment in Egypt at the expense of the Italian authorities or treatment in Italy at their expense as well. The family went with the second option.

Abo Zeid said that arrangements are currently being undertaken to enable Mahmoud's family to travel to Italy. They are expected to arrive in Florence in a few days.

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