Dutch ship rescues nearly 200 migrants in Mediterranean

Wednesday 15-06-2016 01:52 PM

Migrants, who are trying to reach Greece, are seen onboard a capsized sailboat, as others are seen in the water trying to reach the coast of the southeastern island of Rhodes April 20, 2015. REUTERS/Michalis Loizos

By Reuters

AMSTERDAM, June 15 (Reuters) - A Dutch marine ship in the EU border agency Frontex rescued nearly 200 migrants on a sinking ship in the Mediterranean, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

Among those on board were 16 children and two pregnant women, the ministry said in a statement.

The Dutch responded to a distress signal from the vessel, which was on the verge of capsizing. It was a week into a crossing from Egypt to Sicily. The migrants were given food, water and medical care, it said.

The Netherlands has contributed a ship, aircraft and marines to Frontex, which is responding to an unprecedented number of migrants arriving in southern Europe.

Between Jan. 1 and Jun. 5 this year, more than 2,800 deaths were recorded in the whole of the Mediterranean, the vast majority on the central Mediterranean route from North Africa, compared with 3,770 in 2015, said UNICEF.


(Reporting By Anthony Deutsch; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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