Incident involving Egyptian beaten in Kuwait dates back to more than a year ago - FM

Monday 30-05-2016 05:21 PM

The building of Egypt's Foreign Ministry. ASWATMASRIYA/ Ahmed Hamed

CAIRO, May 30 (Aswat Masriya) - Egypt’s foreign ministry said on Monday that the incident involving an Egyptian citizen being beaten by an Arab employer dates back to one and half years ago.

A video that circulated social media on Saturday featured a man dressed in traditional Gulf Arab clothes verbally and physically abusing a person who is believed to be an Egyptian worker.

The victim who appeared in the video was naked as he was being beaten.

Kuwaiti authorities arrested the Arab who was featured in the video and who was believed to be a Kuwaiti though the foreign ministry did not identify his nationality.

Investigations revealed that the incident dates back to nearly one and a half years ago after the store owned by the Arab employer was robbed, said the Egyptian foreign ministry in a statement.

The ministry added that Kuwaiti authorities also arrested the Egyptian citizen who videotaped the incident, who said during the investigations that he publishing the video on purpose following a disagreement between him and the Arab employer.

The Egyptian consul in Kuwait Howaida Essam said  that Kuwaiti authorities might deport the Egyptian citizen or legalise his living conditions in Kuwait.

She also said that Egypt is trying to resolve the situation in favor of the Egyptian citizen.

Essam added that according to the laws and regulations, the state of Kuwait is entitled to deport   the victim in case his work status and his residence in Kuwait were not legalised.

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