Human rights worker barred from traveling

Thursday 04-02-2016 11:41 AM

CAIRO, Feb. 4 (Aswat Masriya) - The Cairo International Airport authorities prevented Gamal Eid, a human rights activist, from travelling to Greece on Thursday morning.

Authorities informed Eid at the airport that his name is present on a list of people banned from travel, as per a decision from the prosecutor general.

Eid, a manager at the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said in a social media statement that he found out about the travel ban decision while he was at the airport.

Airport security sources told Aswat Masriya that during his passport check, computer data showed that Eid was on the list of people banned from travel.

Eid's baggage travelled to Athens without him and he was allowed to leave the airport, the security source said.

Human Rights Watch said in a report published on Nov. 1 that "Security agencies are increasingly putting in place restrictive and intimidating measures that include confiscating passports" targeting leaders and members of political parties, youth activists and people associated with nongovernmental groups.

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