Egypt expresses "deep regret" over Regeni's death as Italy threatens to take measures

Tuesday 05-04-2016 09:07 PM

A protester holds a sign that reads "Regeni, al-Gindy, the same history with the same pain," at a vigil to mourn the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni whose body was found last week along the side of a desert road outside Cairo, on Saturday

CAIRO, Apr 5 (Aswat Masriya) - Egypt reiterated on Tuesday its intention to cooperate in "full transparency" with the Italian side to unearth the truth behind the Italian student's murder, as Italy threatens to take measures if the truth didn't transpire.

In a presidency statement, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expressed "deep regret" on both the official and popular levels for the death of Regeni.

Sisi's statements came on the same day Italy said that it is ready to take "immediate and proportionate" measures against Egypt in the event the truth wasn't revealed.

The young Italian researcher, Giulio Regeni, went missing in Cairo on Jan. 25, 2016, which marked the fifth anniversary of the popular uprising that toppled former president Hosni Mubarak.

Ten days later, Regeni's body was found, bearing signs of torture, in a roadside ditch on the outskirts of Cairo.

Though it is not yet clear who was behind Regeni's murder, eyes were directed towards Egypt's interior ministry as being involved in his torture and death.

The interior ministry denied, however, any responsibility for the incident and claimed last month that it killed four gang members that specialized in "impersonating police officers and kidnapping foreigners."

The ministry implied that the members might have been involved in Regeni's death as a  bag was found the apartment of a gang member's relative containing Regeni’s student cards and a brown wallet with his passport in it.

Italy, however, was discontented with Egypt's findings as investigators pointed out that there were “inconsistencies” in the Egyptian police’s narrative, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

Furthermore, Regeni’s family ruled out criminal activity or the desire for revenge as a motive for the Italian student’s murder, Reuters reported. 

As anger continues to mount in Italy, an official Egyptian delegation is scheduled to visit Rome on Wednesday to meet with Italian officials and discuss the latest findings of  the investigation.

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