Brotherhood: Opposition practices are far from peaceful

Saturday 08-12-2012 09:20 PM
Brotherhood: Opposition practices are far from peaceful

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The Muslim Brotherhood criticized on Saturday the opponents of Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, saying that their practices in the name of opposition are not relevant to the right of peaceful protesting.

The Brotherhood said in a statement issued on their official page that "Those who burn and destruct commit crimes against the nation that will not fall with time passage."

"Not accepting the will of the people or resorting to it, trying to twist facts, using thugs and claiming that they exclusively speak on behalf of the people aims at disrupting the political scene through trying to obstruct the process of democratic transition which would lead to achieving stability and security", said their statement.
The Brotherhood called on political forces to put forth the public interest and accept the choice of the people.

The group affirmed its complete commitment to peaceful protesting, pointing that they abide by the law and use dialogue as means of effective communication.

They said that the fall of martyrs and hundreds of injured youths who belong to the brotherhood, in addition to burning and destructing tens of their premises will not affect them.

"We have -thanks to the grace of God- the ability to deter whoever attempts to assault us, and we will not stand idly by", the Brotherhood stressed that they have the ability to protect their  institutions.

Brawls between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition forces erupted after Mursi's constitutional decree which shields his decisions from judicial challenges and escalated as he called for a December 15 referendum on a draft constitution written by an Islamist-dominated assembly.

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