Egypt and Ethiopia resume discussions on Nile crisis

Tuesday 18-06-2013 01:06 PM
Egypt and Ethiopia resume discussions on Nile crisis

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - Reuters


Egypt and Ethiopia have both agreed on the significance of resuming discussions, joined by Sudan, over a dam that Ethiopia plans to build on the Nile River. 

In a bilateral statement reported by Egypt's state news agency, the two African countries said that their governments will follow up on the results of the latest meeting between their foreign ministers. 

A committee grouping international and regional experts was formed following Ethiopia's announcement to study the effects of the anticipated dam on geographic neighbors. 

Being Egypt's main source of water supply, panic and fear have spread in Egypt since Ethiopia announced its intention to erect a dam on the Nile River.

The Ethiopian and the Egyptian foreign ministers met on Monday to review the recommendations set by the expert committee and discuss how they are going to implement them. 

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