FJP website: "Baradei, Sabahi thugs" attack protesters at Alexandria mosque

Friday 21-12-2012 05:08 PM
FJP website:

The Freedom and Justice Party


The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party accused on Friday on its website thugs of Constitution Party founder Mohamed ElBaradei and ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi of assaulting demonstrators in "Defending Scholars and Mosques" in Alexandria.

Scores of "thugs" who belong to the Popular Current, the Constitution Party, and Sabahi's campaign in Alexandria attacked Islamists right in front of police forces who did not lift a finger to arrest them, the website reported.

"We did not call for any demonstrations today at al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque," the Constitution Party wrote on its Facebook page. 

A state of calm prevailed around the mosque after clashes between Islamists and their rivals left 33 injured.

The two sides hurled stones at each other as police forces attempted to disperse them using tear gas.

Minister of Interior Ahmed Gamal al-Din ordered today security officials in Alexandria to "firmly deal with rioters", the Ministry's official Facebook page said.

Thousands rallied at al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque after Friday noon prayer in a demonstration called "Defending Scholars and Mosques" which the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi parties had called for.

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