MOI: Police will not use new weapons in protests

Monday 18-02-2013 01:14 PM
MOI: Police will not use new weapons in protests

Military police attack a protester - REUTERS


Media official of the Ministry of Interior said on Monday that the new weapons, which will be provided to the police, will only be used during confrontations with dangerous criminals and according to hazardous situations defined by law. 

The weapons will not be used against peaceful demonstrations and marches.

He said in a statement published on the official page of the Interior Ministry that the police only has teargas bombs to disperse protesters when necessary.

A security source said on Saturday that the Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim agreed to several demands of the police, after they held protests demanding weapons and better work conditions, including aiding the ministry with 100,000 pistols.

He also agreed to cancel disciplinary military tribunals for policemen.

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