Tahrir preacher may not go back to his mosque - ministry

Tuesday 30-04-2013 12:57 PM
Tahrir preacher may not go back to his mosque - ministry

Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen, Imam of Omar Makram Mosque - photo from Ahram


A court ruling to reinstate suspended Tahrir preacher Mazhar Shaheen does not mean he will return to his post as Imam of Omar Makram Mosque, a spokesman for the ministry of endowments said on Monday.

An Egyptian court retracted a decision issued by the Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs to suspend Shaheen from his job earlier today.

"We respect the judiciary's rulings," said Abdel Qawi, spokesman of the endowments ministry.

The ruling annuls the decision to suspend Shaheen from work, but it does not specify his return to his mosque, Abdel Qawi stated.

"Sheikh Mazhar intentionally disrespected the law and the regulations," the spokesman added.

The popular Sheikh, dubbed the preacher of the revolution, was suspended due to his “politically themed sermons” according to the suspension order issued by the ministry.

Shaheen said that he never engaged in any political battles, adding that he defends all state institutions. He stressed that the state institutions belong to everyone and that no one should claim ownership of them.

The prominent preacher announced in March the formation of the "National Front to Defend al-Azhar and 'Waqfs' (endowments)" to improve conditions for preachers and prevent the "Brotherhoodisation" of the Ministry of Endowments.

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