Brotherhood asks judicial council to reject attorney general's resignation

Wednesday 19-12-2012 11:41 AM
Brotherhood asks judicial council to reject attorney general's resignation

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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounced on Tuesday what it described as “forcing" Attorney General Talaat Ibrahim to resign, calling on the High Judicial Council to reject his resignation and investigate the case.

Attorney General Judge Talaat Ibrahim, appointed by President Mohamed Mursi, resigned from his post on Monday evening after hundreds of public prosecutors staged a sit-in by his office demanding that he steps down.

Egypt's Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki has said that the acceptance of the Attorney General's resignation is in the hands of the High Judicial Council.

The Brotherhood described forcing the newly-appointed Attorney General’s resignation as a “crime of coercion” in a Tuesday statement.

Mursi had sacked Ibrahim’s Mubarak-era predecessor, Abdel Maguid Mahmoud, in a November 22 constitutional decree that he later annulled but whose implications persisted.

The decree sparked outrage among Egyptian judges who considered it a move to undermine their role and disregard the constitution.

In protest, the majority of Egypt's judges announced a decision not to oversee a referendum pushed forward by Mursi and written by his Islamist allies.

Mursi supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he was a senior member prior his presidency, had staged protests by Abdel Maguid’s office demanding his resignation.

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