Mursi aide: President to visit Washington next February

Wednesday 19-12-2012 09:11 PM
Mursi aide: President to visit Washington next February

President Mohamed Mursi will visit Washington next February, Essam al-Haddad, Mursi's aide for foreign affairs and international cooperation, said on Wednesday.

Mursi was scheduled to visit the U.S. capital on December 17 but had declined the visit due to Egypt's current circumstances, al-Haddad stated.

"Post-revolution Egypt no longer regards America as a super power with a subordinate power," al-Haddad said, adding that the United States is undeniably a super power but Egypt is a large power in their region with its leadership, status, history, and people.

Al-Haddad accused regional and international bodies which he did not name of pumping money to obstruct Egyptian authorities.

Egypt's foreign policy was never dependent upon one individual or body, he said, adding that foriegn policy is an integrated system where the presidency, the foreign ministry, and the national security each have a separate role.

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