Egypt govt denounces siege of Media Production City

Monday 25-03-2013 07:09 PM
Egypt govt denounces siege of Media Production City

Official spokesman of the Egyptian government, Alaa Al-Hadidi, denounced on Monday the siege of the Media Production City, the assaults on its employees and preventing them from entering the premises.

Islamist protesters have blocked entry to the Media Production City, protesting against, what they described as, the "misleading media coverage of satellite channels which incites strife among the people."

Hadidi described these practices as a reprehensible behavior that does not adhere to proper ways of expression.

"Such practices - advocating violence to impose opinions - damage the image of our glorious revolution and negatively affect the values ??of democracy," the spokesman said in a statement as reported by the state news agency MENA.

Hundreds of Islamist protesters had prevented media persons and television show hosts from entering the Media Production City.

Human rights lawyer, Hafez Abu Saada, said on his Twitter account that the protesters assaulted him and smashed his car as he was leaving the area on Sunday evening.

They also prevented head of the Journalists' Syndicate, Diaa Rashwan, from entry amid threats to storm inside the studios and burn them.

Hadidi stressed on the cabinet's rejection of the pursuance of such methods of pressure, intimidation and coercion.

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