Expert committee starts amending Egypt constitution

Sunday 21-07-2013 07:59 PM
Expert committee starts amending Egypt constitution

Shura Council - Reuters


A committee of experts has started amending a constitution written at the end of last year by an Islamist-dominated assembly.

Egypt’s interim President Adli Mansour issued a presidential decree on Saturday ordering that they convene to amend the constitution. 

The committee, which met at the Shura Council's headquarters on Sunday, has 30 days to amend the constitution that was written under the now-deposed Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Mursi. 

Mansour’s constitutional advisor Ali Awad is the rapporteur of the committee, which includes a collection of prominent judges and law experts. 

Supported by mass demonstrations that swept the nation, Egypt's army ousted Mursi two weeks ago, suspending the constitution and announcing Mansour as president during the transitional period.

It also announced that two committees would be formed, one for national reconciliation and another to amend the controversial constitution. 

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