Egyptian Foreign Ministry Hands Expat Votes to Election Committee

Monday 05-12-2011 01:42 PM

Ambassador Amr Roushdy, the official spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, announced that 100 embassies handed the expatriates votes to the ministry via telegrams.

Roushdy added in an interview for “El-Masry El-Youm” newspaper that the Foreign ministry is waiting for the telegrams from the rest of the Egyptian embassies allover the world to be handed to the Election Committee.

He mentioned that the preliminary figures concerning the vote counting for the expatriates in the first phase of the Parliamentary Elections are as follows:

Saudi Arabia: 30,000 vote, Kuwait: 26,000 vote, United Arab of Emirates: 12,000 votes, Qatar: 6,000 votes, Oman: 1,700 votes, UK:1,350 votes and Canada: 5,000 votes.

Moreover, Roushdy stated that some of the Egyptian embassies are still going through the process of vote counting till late hours of Tuesday 29th. The process was witnessed by representatives of the Egyptian Communities. For example, 300 Egyptians from allover KSA attended the vote counting in the Egyptian Embassy in Reyad.

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