Egyptian professor questioned for insulting religion

Monday 29-04-2013 05:42 PM
Egyptian professor questioned for insulting religion

English Professor Mona al-Brince - Facebook page


An Egyptian professor who was questioned on Sunday over allegations that included insulting religion may face suspension.

Suez Canal University President Maher Mosbah had ordered that Professor Mona al-Brince be questioned after her students and head of department filed complaints against her.

“I will go to university tomorrow, to give my lectures and meet my students, as no official decision to suspend me has been issued yet,” Brince told Aswat Masriya on Monday.

“I know how they operate; if I am not present tomorrow, they will punish me for my absence.”

The professor added that the department’s secretariat has informed her that an official letter of suspension is underway upon a request from the university president.

Mosbah on the other hand had denied to her that she would be suspended over the allegations.

"(The decision) was based on complaints from 40 students from the Education Department, the dean of faculty and head of department, against Dr. Mona al-Brince who is accused of contempt of religion and slandering sheikhs," Mosbah told Aswat Masriya last week.

Brince was also accused of insulting the head of the department, she said, adding that her Facebook activity, which included complaints against the department and its conditions, was used against her.

The accusers complained that Brince discusses topics that are irrelevant to the syllabus and is not always present for her lectures.

Mosbah had asked students to continue to pay respect to the professor as the law takes its course, while Brince, who teaches English at Suez Canal University, has denied that she insulted religion, insisting that she is a practicing Muslim.

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