Erian says withdrawn members agreed to draft constitution

Monday 19-11-2012 04:49 PM
Erian says withdrawn members agreed to draft constitution

Prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm Essam al-Erian described on Monday the withdrawals from the constituent assembly as a "media stunt".

A large number of liberal members have resigned from the assembly in protest against the first draft of the constitution and the process that produced it.

The dissatisfied members had accused the assembly of being dominated by one faction who passed certain articles without serious discussion or consensus.

"Their fingerprints are clear on all the drafts of the constitution, some of their suggestions were approved while others were turned down by the majority", Erian said, insisting that all members of the assembly took part to produce the country's draft constitution, a local newspaper reported.

The Brotherhood leader insisted that consensus was clear as all members signed prior the issuing of the draft.

He added that the assembly has documents that prove the withdrawn members' approval of the draft constitution, that it could reveal, but it will not as to avoid tension.   

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