Free Egyptians Party announce new parliamentary committee bloc

Wednesday 29-02-2012 04:34 PM
Free Egyptians Party announce new parliamentary committee bloc

MP Mohamed Abu Hamed of the Egyptian Bloc alliance - photo from his page on Facebook


The Free Egyptians Party named their chairman Ahmed Said as the new head of its parliamentary bloc on Wednesday, following the resignation of Mohamed Abu Hamed. Abu Hamed, who was also vice president of the liberal party, continues to be a member of the board, according to a press statement issued on Wednesday.

The decision to resign from both posts came upon the request of Abu Hamed himself during a meeting with the board of the Free Egyptians Party. "The coming period requires that I, as a Member of Parliament (MP) concentrate on the legislative and oversight role in the parliament," said Abu Hamed during the meeting.

Abu Hamed, who represented Qasr El-Nil district in Cairo, was elected member of Egypt's first parliament after Mubarak stepped down.

Prominent Coptic-Christian business tycoon, Naguib Sawiris founded the Free Egyptians Party after the January 25 Revolution. The party's main objective is to promote the economic and social development of Egypt. It ran under the umbrella of the liberal Egyptian Bloc during the 2011 parliamentary elections, winning 15 seats in Egypt's parliament.

The liberal party boycotted the upper house elections that took place from 29 January until 22 February, 2012.

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